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Sometimes getting an education can be a challenge and that’s OK! Take part in group reviews for those tricky classes.

English Composition
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One-on-One Collegiate Level Tutoring

There are times when a traditional classroom setting is just not the best way for a student to learn the required material. College classrooms are often large and crowded. The professor is focused on covering as much of the coursework as possible and reaching the largest number of students.  

That’s where One-on-One tutoring comes in.

One-on-One tutoring with Lighthouse College Tutoring is the solution to information overload experienced by many college students. They need a smart, helpful, patient expert who can work with them on specific coursework in order to set them up for success. We offer to tutor in math, science, accounting and other analytical subjects but have English composition, history, geography, and other subjects available as well. Contact Us for more information on available subjects!

All of our tutors are very familiar with the material they cover, whether they’re students excelling in their majors, college graduates, or even teacher’s assistants or professors, so you’ll get the highest level of instruction on a personal level.

Contact us today to inquire about rates and subjects. Take charge of your education with Lighthouse College Tutoring today!